We offer a range of catering facilities including water dispensers, ‘bean to cup’ coffee and artisan flavoured teas. We can also liaise with our catering supplier to provide food for your meetings and conferences.

The menus available include platters, savouries, sweet treats and tapas.

Menu Examples:

Menu 1

Variety of White & Granary Sandwiches (one full Sandwich Round per Person):
• Meat Selection:
• Just Chicken
• Chicken Salad
• Chicken Tikka
• Veggie Selection:
• Cheese & Chutney
• Egg Mayo & Cress
• Chargrilled Veg & Houmous

Savouries per Person: (4 in total per person)

Meat Selection:
• Sausage Roll
• Chicken Fillet Skewer with Sweet Chilli Dip
• Chicken Creole Pasty
• Cheese Onion & Bacon Tart
• Veggie Selection:
• Vegetable Pakora
• Mozzarella & Olive Skewers
• Mini Cream Cheese Stuffed Peppers
• Cauliflower & Broccoli Tart

Blueberry Muffins & Chocolate Coated Doughnuts

Tapas Menu

Variety of Spanish Style Montadetos (toasted sour dough bread, rubbed with tomato, olive oil & rocksalt, served ambient) covered with these:

• Chargrilled Aubergine, mixed Peppers, with Pesto & Olive Oil Dressing
• Sliced Gherkin, Hot Salsa, Chicken with Sweet Chilli Dressing
• Cream Cheese Avocado, Smoked Salmon with Lemon Juice & Black Pepper.
• Machego Cheese & Sliced Chorizo
• Mozzarella, Basil & Cherry Tomato

Selection of These Tapas:
• Chicken Empanadas
• Tortilla Espanola
• Rustic Marinated Olives
• Mini Red Peppers stuffed with Cream Cheese

Pastel de Nata (Portuguese Mini Custard Tart)

Platter One (seven portions)

Sandwiches (white & Granary)
With the following fillings:

Just Chicken , Tuna Cucumber, Chicken salad, Ham & Cheese
BLT, Mix Cheese & Spring Onion and Chicken Tikka

Platter Two (twelve portions)

Variety of Traditional, Seeded & Olive Bread Rolls with these fillings :

Roast Beef Horseradish & Rocket, Ham & Sliced Egg & Mustard Mayo,
Pulled Pastrami Gherkins Mustard Mayo & mixed Salad Leaves, Ham & Cheese,
Thai Chicken with Mint Yoghurt, Grated Carrot with Red Pepper Houmous

Platter Three (seven portions)

Veggie Sandwiches (white & Granary) with the following fillings:

Egg & Cress, Red Leicester Cheese & Chutney,
Red Pepper Houmous Salad, Chargrilled Veg Cream Cheese,
Brie & Cranberry, Sliced Egg Salad and Cheese & Tomato.

Download full  Menu Options

We will liaise with you about your specific requirements.