Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Meetings and Conferences

5 reasons why face to face meetings work better than online

Whether you want to build your team or need to meet new clients, a face-to-face meeting can’t be beaten. Here are 5 reasons why you should stay off the computer and book a meeting room instead:

  1. You can build trust more easily face to face. Have you ever met someone after a number of online meetings and calls and thought that they look or seem like a different person to the one you have been talking to? While online meetings can save time, you don’t build the same trust as when you see someone face to face.
  2. You can maintain engagement face to face. We’ve all been there – the online meeting that drags on and on. Maybe you have taken surreptitious glances at your phone? Perhaps you have switched your camera off altogether? In a face to face meeting you can respond to people’s interests more easily and maintain great engagement in a way that just can’t be done online.
  3. You can communicate more effectively face to face. It can be hard to see if your audience understands you when delivering a talk online, but it’s much easier to check in with people, take questions and tailor your answers face to face.
  4. You can spark creativity face to face. If you need to come up with new ideas for a campaign, develop new products or problem solve, there’s nothing like a face to face meeting. It’s the side chats, the jokes, the discussion over a coffee that sometimes bring the breakthrough you need – and you won’t get that in a webinar.
  5. You can be more efficient face to face. While you might think an online meeting is a time-saver, just think of all the time that is wasted! Seriously, are the people in your online meeting truly engaged like they would be in a face to face meeting? However conscientious your team, attention can waver when faced by hours of online meetings. Well planned face to face meetings are a refreshing change nowadays.

There are many more benefits to a meeting in a venue – many people look forward to getting out of the home office nowadays. Why not make your next meeting a face to face one? Find out more about our meeting rooms in Birmingham here.