Tuesday, June 25, 2024
About the NRC

Back to business at the NRC

If you are considering how best to resume face to face events, be reassured that the NRC team is working hard to help you.

NRC operations manager Mat Stringer says, “We have been working with the property management team of Aqueous II in order to make sure our visitors have clear and safe entrance and exit to the NRC via lifts and stairwells including a touchless sanitising unit in the communal areas.

“We have been in contact with the heating and ventilation company about the air-conditioning system to make sure it is compliant with guidelines.

“Each coffee and water dispenser has sanitising wipes and cleaning station to limit any unwanted virus transmission.”

If you are considering how you might resume face to face events where essential and when allowed, do get in touch with Mat for a preliminary discussion on mstringer@abdonrc.org.uk.