Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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The NRC achieves Carbon Neutrality for the second year running

The NRC has successfully achieved carbon neutrality for 2022, alongside a significant reduction in emissions in a number of areas.

NRC Operations Manager Mat Stringer says, “Reducing our emissions is a remarkable feat for the NRC. Credit must be given to the entire team and visitors, with a special mention to sustainability champion Rebecca Jasper for consistently seeking ways to enhance our efforts and help the NRC continue to reduce its emissions.”

NRC sustainability champion Rebecca Jasper adds, “The NRC team has decreased electricity, gas and water consumption. All our waste is now recycled off site and we receive waste management reports to inform us on the amounts of waste that have been recycled. Our coffee machine providers now supply us with compostable coffee and water cups which allows us to place fewer deliveries from other companies. We are currently in regular contact with the building management team who provide updates on the potential EV charging points, and we hope to have more information on this towards the end of the year.” The NRC has also made the EV and Cycle to Work schemes available to staff.

NRC staff worked together to provide information on activities for 2022 which were then analysed to calculate emissions of greenhouse gases. In accordance with BSI PAS 2060 this included:

  • water supply,
  • fuels burned,
  • electricity purchased,
  • waste generated,
  • business travel,
  • employees commuting,
  • and working-from-home emissions.

The Association’s emissions have been offset using offsets from the Larimar Wind Farm Project from Dominican Republic from Verra registry.