Tuesday, June 25, 2024
ABDO examinations

Update from the ABDO exams team

The Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO) has been holding examinations at the NRC over the past year, despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic for students and examiners. ABDO’s Assistant Director of Professional Examinations Miranda Richardson, BSc (Hons), FBDO says, “There was understandable hesitancy for candidates to attend during this time.” However many candidates were keep to ensure that they could continue to progress towards their professional qalifications and so the examinations team and staff from ABDO’s NRC worked ceaselessly behind the scenes to ensure candidates were safe to attend their examinations and continue their career progression

Miranda Richardson says, “The ABDO examinations team would like to applaud all students that have sat their professional examinations under such difficult circumstances and congratulate those that have qualified so far. We would also like to thank the ABDO examiners for travelling to the NRC for the practical and theoretical examinations and continuing to conduct the practice visits for students both safely and professionally.  We would finally like to thank the NRC staff for the excellent facilities, adapted to accommodate the volume of examinations undertaken, whilst implementing exemplary Covid19 protocols to ensure the safety of all who have been able to attend.”