Wednesday, May 29, 2024
About the NRC

Use the NRC for filming e-learning demos

The NRC is hosting a clinical education team for filming of their e-learning demonstrations.

The current restrictions either prevent or limit many practical, educational and vocational courses being hosted in a classroom or lab environment. As such, the demand for online learning materials is vastly increasing.

The NRC is able to offer a clean, safe and distanced environment for these teams to film simulations and demonstrations in a clinic environment using the clinical bays and versatile room settings at the venue.

Using the NRC reduces the contact that the filming team are likely to experience in a fully operational clinical environment, prevents those clinics having to be closed to accommodate filming and therefore has no impact on already full diaries and patient waiting lists.

The filming team will be supplied with PPE for their use during the day, and follow the venue’s careful virus prevention procedures. 

Collaboration between this client and the NRC enables their learning program to continue safely for their learners, and offers a clean safe and convenient environment for these procedures to be filmed in a clinical and authentic setting.