Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Championing sustainability at the NRC

NRC Sustainability Champion Rebecca

A sustainability champion is someone dedicated to leading and encouraging changes which actively reduce effects on the environment. A champion will positively contribute ideas and suggestions to implement a much more sustainable workplace. In this article we hear from the NRC Sustainability Champion Rebecca Jasper about her role and the changes that the whole team is working on as they move towards making a venue that is sustainable for the long term future of the planet.

Rebecca says, “I was nominated to be NRC Sustainability Campion by Operations Manager Mat Stringer due to my extensive research on the topic and ideas that I had to practice being more sustainable in the workplace. I am really enjoying seeing the changes being made by myself and colleagues and to know we are doing our part each day to help the environment is extremely rewarding.”

Sustainability was an important issue when the NRC was in the early stages of planning and has remained high on the agenda. Rebecca says, “We have already made quite a few changes at the NRC to help. We only use compostable cups and cutlery for all our events to encourage waste reduction. We source local suppliers for all catering needs to ensure a low carbon footprint. All our waste at the NRC is taken off site and sorted at a recycling centre and as much as possible is reused so that less waste ends up in landfills.”

Sustainability is something we all need to work towards, and the team at the NRC have plans for the years ahead. Rebecca says, “Ideas for future changes at the NRC currently are to get EV charging points fitted for electrical vehicles for both our staff and visitors. We also have a new battery recycling station which will allow the batteries we use to be recycled into something new and prevent soil and water pollution. We are also currently looking into certification for being a sustainable venue.” Rebecca is also looking into how to recycle contact lenses and the dummy lenses that coe in spectacle frames used at the NRC.

Alongside this, the NRC is currently undergoing assessment for it’s total carbon footprint, with plans to offset activity and the ultimate aim of being a carbon neutral venue. Watch this space for news each month about sustainability at the NRC.