Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Eyes, Ears and Examinations at the NRC

It’s another busy week with ABDO professional examinations taking place on the fourth floor at the NRC. ABDO examinations are for dispensing opticians and contact lens opticians: next time you go for an eye test you are likely to meet someone who has been to the NRC as part of their training and qualification process.

As well as new practitioners taking initial qualifications, qualified contact lens opticians are also at the NRC this week boosting their skills in minor eye conditions. This means that there are a growing number of locations across the UK where you can make the optician the first point of call if you have a red, sore or irritated eye. This scheme is in place across all of Scotland. In you are in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, why not ask your local optician if they offer this service as it could save you a long wait at the hospital.

Upstairs, Specsavers Hearing Care workshops are happening, training hearing care assistants to work in branches on the high street. Did you know Specsavers look after your ears as well as eyes?