Tuesday, July 23, 2024
About the NRC

Going green at the NRC

The NRC was set up with sustainability in mind so if you are looking for a sustainable venue it is a great place to book. Over coming months we will be taking you through a range of environmentally friendly initiatives that happen at the NRC – and we are always looking for ways to improve so do get in touch if you have more ideas to support our work towards being a truly sustainable venue.

To kick things off, in 2021 we appointed team member Rebecca Jasper as our sustainability champion. She is here to gather ideas, promote sustainability and keep us on our toes.

And our focus for this month is sustainable energy. As the NRC has been refurbished, we are proud to say:

  • We can offer LED lighting throughout.
  • There is climate control in every room, ensuring that you will be at the right temperature for your event.
  • We have green energy contracts with Bryt Energy and Water-plus.
  • Our energy performance certificate has a B rating.
  • We have automatic lights where needed so they remain on only for as long as a rom is used.
  • Self-closing doors keep drafts to a minimim.
  • Thermal tinted windows minimise heat loss and cut overheating on sunny days.

We have completed ABDO’s sustainability self assessment tool and achieved silver status. We will be looking to improve on that.

In coming months you can expect to see our new sustainability policy, and we are looking into the possibility of certification too.