Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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NRC prepares for return

The National Resource Centre (NRC) team has been working hard to ensure that everything is ready for when meetings can resume, with all the necessary social distancing support in place, along with hand sanitiser, gloves, wipes and handwash stations.

NRC operations manager Mat Stringer says, “Over the last few weeks I have been reworking the NRC user journey taking into account staff, students and external users.

“There are now floor markers and signage throughout, hand sanitising stations, new socially distanced room layouts and closed lid wastage. Any reusable items such as plates/cups have been temporarily replaced with new biodegradable items in place, along with individually wrapped tea, coffee and milk.

“In the clinical areas we now have 10 slit lamp breath shields, full face shields and PPE. The NRC reception has a new contactless signing-in procedure and protective screen. We will also have 16 mobile protective shields/screens for our examiners/students and external users should they be needed.”

Get in touch with Mat on to find out more.