Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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What are we doing about sustainability?

Rebecca Jasper-Fellows is the NRC’s green champion and operations assistant 

What are you aiming to achieve as a green champion?

I am dedicated to leading and encouraging changes that reduce negative effects on the environment. We aim to build on what we have accomplished so far.  

What changes has the NRC made?
  • We use only compostable cups and cutlery for all our events, reducing waste. 
  • We source local suppliers for all catering to ensure a low carbon footprint. 
  • All our waste is placed into one bin and sorted at a recycling centre, reducing landfill. 
  • We get a waste management report every year. It gives us clear information and a breakdown of the amounts of general and recycled waste we generate, so that we can continue to improve. 
  • We have spectacle frames donated by optical companies that we re-use for our training events. 

What will delegates notice about sustainability?
  • The centre has an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of B – the second-highest. 
  • We provide compostable cups at all coffee and water stations. 
  • The notepads and pens we provide for our events are made from recycled materials. 
  • Our lights are controlled by automatic sensors on both floors, so they are on only when someone is using a room or corridor. 
  • We have contact lens recycle bins for our contact lens examinations, available for anyone to use. 
What ideas do you have for the future? 

We are looking into installing charging points for electrical vehicles for staff and visitors. I will use our waste management report to inspire efforts to reduce, re-use and recycle. Our team will continue to come up with ideas to improve our environmental footprint – together with our clients we can make a real difference.