Wednesday, May 29, 2024
ABDO examinations

Exams at the NRC

The NRC is currently hosting ABDO theory exams.

Alicia Thompson BSc(Hons) FBDO R (Hons) SLD SMC(Tech) is ABDO’s Director of Professional Examinations. Commenting on the day, she said, “The student feedback was nothing but positive. The increased cleaning protocols were visible throughout the day and the social distance markings and set up made everyone feel safe and secure “

Mark Chandler, ABDO Head of Examinations said, “The NRC looked great. All the candidates seemed very relaxed and I believe they enjoyed the experience of being the NRC and they felt very safe. The exams themselves went very smoothly and I believe we all had a good experience, during these very strange times. I should also point out that travel to and from the NRC by train was fantastic, the trains were almost empty, London/Birmingham stations were also very quiet.”