Tuesday, April 23, 2024
About the NRC

Great ideas start with coffee

If you’re a coffee drinker, you’ll be glad to know that the team at the NRC take their coffee seriously. The bean to cup coffee makers were chosen with care, and unlimited self-serve coffee comes as standard when you book a meeting or event.

Operations Manager Mat Stringer has been ensuring that the coffee runs smoothly at the NRC this week, taking advantage of lockdown to get the coffee machines serviced. Mat says, “The coffee machines are working well, and we can’t wait to resume meetings and events.”

Every decsion at the NRC is also made with the environment in mind. Mat adds, “We use plant-based compostable Vegware for our coffee cups, cutlery and containers.”

If coffee isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Team NRC hasn’t forgotten the tea drinkers. Mat says, “We offer a range of artisan flavoured teas for you to brew fresh, before meetings and during breaks. There is always drinking water and fruit squash on offer too.”

Watch to find out more about food, drink and venue availability for meetings in Birmingham in 2021? Click here to email the NRC team or call 0121 7527500.