Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Going green at the NRC: recycling tea and coffee

Did you know that tea and coffee grounds can be great for your garden? Rebecca, the NRC sustainability champion takes part in the ABDO sustainability team meeting and she recently learned about how to save used teabags and coffee grounds and put them onto your plants to improve the soil.

She says, “During exams and big events, we accumulate such a huge amount of coffee ground waste and used tea bags so I have purchased a bin for both the tea bags and the coffee ground waste and ensured the bin liners are also compostable.  As you can see from the photo the small black coffee bags are reusable, so I have been keeping them once they are empty and filling them up with the coffee ground waste and they are now free to staff and visitors if they wish to take them.”

So, next time you go to the NRC you can collect a bag of these grounds to add to your home compost or improve your house plants and join us in taling just a few more steps to helping the planet and reducing waste.